About Alex Lark

Alex is a committed public servant. After completing his studies at the University of Washington, Alex worked for Former Congressman Brian Baird helping constituents. After Congressman Baird retired, Alex worked for the Korean Embassy's Congressional Section working to improve US-Korea political and economic relations. 

As a current Everett Planning Commissioner, Alex has fought for working families by advocating for policies that increase affordable housing and support businesses to grow and create jobs. 


Alex is passionate about helping residents gain access to affordable housing and creating economic opportunity. By day, he works at Housing Hope, a local nonprofit whose mission is to "promote and provide affordable housing and tailored services to reduce homelessness and poverty for residents of Snohomish County and Camano Island." 


Alex also serves our country as a Civil Affairs Officer in the United States Army Reserve. Civil Affairs is a part of U.S. Special Operations Forces. Civil Affairs Officers are tasked with building relationships between civilian and military organizations. Civil Affairs Officers support humanitarian missions, connect civilians and civilian leaders to infrastructure resources, and build relationships between U.S. forces and civilians within an area of operation in order to promote security and cooperation.