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We need to work to grow wages and a $15/hr minimum wage. Too many families live on the edge. Increasingly, families are unable to produce emergency funds or pay rent if they take a sick day. That means supporting the correct classification for workers on jobs sites, supporting access to apprenticeships and programs that skill up workers, and a minimum wage that is pegged to housing costs.

Supporting our downtowns, growing our downtowns, and empowering local businesses is key to economic growth. Vibrant downtowns are critical to supporting the growth of local businesses, recruiting and retaining talent, and attracting investment and business relocation. We need to make sure the county is putting the seed funds in place that are needed to create Business Improvement Areas, Chambers of Commerce and Downtown Associations. Creating these tools empower the local businesses who reside in them and are essential for creating a sustained efforts in developing our urban cores. 

Mobility and connectivity are necessary for higher wages. Across the world, in cities like London and Tokyo, metro systems provide substantial economic benefit. In both Japan and the UK, 3% of GDP growth can be attributed to these robust metro systems. Connectivity means economic growth, higher wages, and more opportunity to support the talented and hard working people in Snohomish County. We need a multimodal mobility system that supports that.