We need transit options for families here in Snohomish County

Getting to work is costing families more and more every year, and is contributing to climate change. A recent driving cost study found that the average vehicle cost of ownership adds up to $725 a month, and contributes to over half of our carbon footprint.

The promise we make as leaders should be that if you use transit you should not be stuck in traffic.

We need to make sure that we are creating space on our roadways for bus-only lanes to reduce car utilization and the carbon it produces. We need to cultivate the transit ecosystem in our county that will support more ride sharing models that will cut down on single passenger trips. Ensuring that we have better connectivity through green space and linear parks will help support alternative modes of transportation.

We need policies that will produce urban centers that allow for ease of mobility. These town centers or urban villages will be connected to each other, the county, and the region by Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on dedicated lanes. 

By building a rich transit ecosystem, we can reduce our carbon footprint and save commuters money.  

A multi-modal transit system comprised of walkable neighborhoods, rideshare programs, and bike lanes that reach into neighborhoods will lessen the burden on our roads and provide affordable transportation alternatives for our families.